Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers with a creative edge and thinking, which is more out of the box than traditional, is what we value as a prime asset. Giving a product a good visual appearance with the right blend of colours, will be the forte of your work.

Web Designer

Making Web Pages, Designing Websites and Deciding Page Layouts and Colour Schemes. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Flash Banners. Do we say more?

Electronics Guru

Do you come from the world of BreadBoard’s and PCB’s? If you can make sense of Volts, Amperes and Watts, you can be a great help to us. Be the link in our projects by helping us with Electronic Interfacing, Hardware Development and more.

Market Analyst

Analyse the market about a particular product or commodity and do a full fledged research about it. Be our eyes and ears in the open market and help us improve and rise upto the level we aspire to. Market analysis happens with every project and with your vision we’ll able to do a lot better.

JavaScript Engineer

Help us empower the web. Our front end team is looking out for JavaScript specialists who can power up our products.


Visual Interface Designer

How a user interacts with system and operates it, laments the popularity of the system. Designing an attractive interface with user friendly controls is what we expect from Interface Designers.

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Limitless Opportunities : We don’t limit you to the work assigned. You can explore your interest in all the fields.
Know the industry : Know about industry trends and meet industry veterans.
Become Specialized : If you have realized your inner most passion; we will help you master the skill.
Learn by Mistakes : You are free to experiment and attempt. If your inner instinct forces you to achieve a task; we help you make enough mistakes and learn through it.

“You join the internship program and you hesitate. You read some links and “Try it yourself”. You are assigned a live project and you are a bit thrilled & scared. Your start working and your mentors assists you. You start having fun & making friends and in the end you know you’ve LEARNED.”

Our Culture

Empowering You

We believe there is infinite potential in all of us. We constantly strive to create a platform which helps you find yours.

We are Family!

We are friends both inside and outside RCorp. Its an awesome experience to be working alongside friends and caring for each other.

Work can be Fun!

We believe work can be our hobby, our passion. At RCorp, there’s a thin line between work and fun. In fact, we have fun doing work.

Our values define us…

The right way is the only way at RCorp. Integrity, honesty, selflessness and love goes into everything we do and everything we are.

"From the very begining you are sprinkling showers of knowledge and filling our heart with patriotism to live not only for you but for the people."

− Harpreet Singh

"RCorp...A school with titanic teachers, wonderful people and treasures of Alibaba."

− Harmeet Singh

"Being an Intern at RCorp has always been the biggest turning point in my life.I have never been around such people who have been this supportive in every aspect of my training.From the Interview date to the recruitment ops handling,i feel i have been in a perfect guidance to learn new things everyday!"

− Shivam Agarwal

"From being an intern at RCorp to managing operations and marketing. Nothing would have been so exciting and enriching. Covered everything from doing maths to learning about the industry, from playing with drawing tools to interacting with industry veterans. Amazing!"

− Nitin Madeshia

"Always believe in yourself and in others around you. You are capable of anything and everything. Never Forget."

− Gaurav Ramanan

"Its my pleasure to work here!"

− Kapil Gupta

"I'm really grateful to RCorp and specially Gaurav Sir for making me whatever I'm today."

− Anshuman Mishra

"Its the proper definition of work, leisure, fun, sharing and most importantly friendship and the list goes on and on and on..."

− Himanshi Gera

"RCorp has no limits when it comes to potential. Thank you for all the wonderful time, I have spent over here."

− Abhineet Verma

"Bug in my code; its a feature."

− Kuljeet Singh

"Thank you for making me a part of this event! Still miss all the fun@work."

− Sreela Sreekumar

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